Are there any discount codes for your store? I was gonna place a big order but shipping is a lot. :/ just wanna soften the blow to my wallet.


Storenvy doesn’t allow us to create specific discount codes if we don’t pay a monthly fee… It’s only a basic percentage cut of the total and that’s kind of problematic to set for me (especially to let it be published publicly, since you’re anon) :,/

Maybe I should re-think on paying that monthly fee, idk…

Also, truth is it is expensive for me to send big parcels from where I am (France), and even if shipping fees look dissuasive (and yeah, I know it is, I myself often rethinks purchases only because of that :,D) it most likely reflects what I pay.

Preparing some decorations/promo visual for this week-end’s convention~ Event is “Moe Matsuri”, in Val D’europe (just next to Disney Land Paris :T), organized by a japanese staff! 

Blue hair is my character and pink hair is Moemai’s, who’s my table-mate for this time.