A friends’ circle, Tsundereko Doujin Circle is soon launching some nice KILL la KILL buttons on their Storenvy~

As you may know, I like to do buttons, and I helped them print those by lending my printer and button maker ! So I guess it’s worth sharing here. :3

If you are interested, there’s only one of each set available online, in just five minutes from now! …Or you can get them at Manga’zur convention if you’re in France. Even visiting these guys website is worth your time, I swear. They do great things.

I went to your store and bought your charm of Fennekin. He was my adorable starter. Vulpix is my favorite but that one was already fresh out. Do you think you'll be making anymore of Vulpix? (and possibly Sylveon?)

I don’t know about Sylveon, but for the Vulpix, yes I will be making more soon!

I’m preparing to actually re-print soon all the second series of charms AND the first one (with the electric type pokemon) but with the updated black acrylic + plug. 

I’m also adding this puppy as a new design for the fire type charms 

I love the custom hanging tags you have for your badges!! They're super cute! If you don't mind me asking, where do you get them made?

Thank you ! 

I print them at home, but I use already-made sets containing the transparent sleeves + pre-cut hanging tags from the Avery brand.

Pencil commissions : 2 / 2.

Did I forget to post these here ? Yup. 

Pencil commissions : 1 / 2.

Just finished some designs that will be printed as charm wipers! I won’t have them before May, but I’m already curious on how they will look printed. :<